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If Cormac McCarthy was an inventor of gadgets instead of words then this better (measured in awesome) mousetrap might have been the result. Instead, honors go to Jack Easton, a man known to kill ordinary mice using compressed air. No, really. The device above feature a pneumatic cylinder that bring...

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December 15, 2009 at 6:16AM
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Daaaamn... this Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap is serious business. Normally we prefer more humane, wired domes to cage our furry house guests as they grab for the rich dark-chocolate morsels that tempt the palate of elite city-mice. We then release them into wee puddle-boats with tiny pa...

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In the fight against dirty mice, one can never be too vigilant -- as anyone who has ever spent time carefully cleaning and drying their beloved input device will tell you -- but now there is an easier way. Like the IOGEAR anti-germ mouse we told you about, Belkin is getting into the cleanliness ga...

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