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Most of us flail wildly at a ball without any clue about what happens to it, then wonder why we don't get better. To help out, Zepp's 3D sports motion sensor is designed to put hard numbers to your golf, baseball or tennis swing by showing you (via an iOS or Android app) your swing's speed and con...

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November 13, 2013 at 2:00PM
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With all this talk of some prominent companies casting their wrists into the increasingly hot world of wearables, let's not forget the number of folks that have been toiling away in that world for some time now. Companies like TomTom, which is already on the, erm, pulse of the watch world. The GPS...

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The French didn't only invent the guillotine. They also bequeathed us something even more painful (though that's hard to prove): "Les trois sports", aka the Triathlon. A swimming-cycling-running succession of pure hurt, which Polar's latest RCX5 training computer seeks to measure using an array o...

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