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If you need to channel your inner MacGyver, there's a tool for that... predictably, it's powered by your smartphone. By connecting an iPhone 4 to the Scout Observer's Toolkit, it's transformed into a spectrum analyzer, power meter, multimeter and Low Noise Block Downconverter (LNB). In English, t...

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September 11, 2011 at 2:26PM
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This is the multimeter clock. It's made of three actual multimeters -- one each to display the hour, minutes and seconds with a 16F628A PIC microcontroller to do the actual timekeeping. Do we want one hanging in our living room? Not really: but it's still very cool....

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There's not a whole lot of things we'd consider more worthy of technolust than a Pong clock, but a Pong clock that fits on your wrist is most certainly one of them. Although the build process looks far from easy, this beautiful piece of retro nirvana sports an all black motif, 96 x 64 resolution OLE...

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