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Microscopic twin-stick shooter Nano Assault NEO-X will premiere for PlayStation 4 consoles in North America next week, developer Shin'en announced. Similar in premise to Housemarque's early PS3 release Super Stardust HD, Nano Assault NEO-X challenges players to circumnavigate hazard-filled, ro...

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November 7, 2014 at 10:30PM
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Nano Assault Neo is confirmed for PS4 now, and it's bringing its 3D rotational twin-stick shooting to the system in 1080p. Developer Shin'en Multimedia tweeted the new port of the 2012 Wii U game features PS4-specific improvements, though it's not yet detailed what those are. We've reached out to S...

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Shin'en Multimedia's Neo Assault series may protect PS4s from its persistent, fun-to-eradicate Nanostray virus, judging by a recent content rating from PEGI. The listing assigns a 7-and-up age limit to "Nano Assault Neo-X," a supposed series entry that has not been announced by Shi'nen itself. ...

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