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With more than six million CCTV cameras in operation, Britain is the most watched country in the world. London's police officers are trialling body-worn cameras to help bring about "speedier justice," but only now are other forces beginning to find efficient ways to process that surveillance. Leic...

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July 16, 2014 at 8:13AM
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Watch Dogs' vision of a super-connected Chicago may be truer than you think. A local judge has convicted Pierre Martin of armed robbery after police used facial recognition software (NEC's NeoFace) to match surveillance camera footage with an existing mugshot. While the cops still used witnesses t...

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NEC has launched a $880 per month service in Japan that lets merchants profile customers using just a PC and video camera. The system uses facial recognition powered by the company's cloud computing service to estimate the gender and age of clients, along with the frequency of their shopping exped...

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