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Do you find yourself frequently dealing in lead in City of Heroes? Then perhaps your hero could use the accoutrements to match his or her habit of solving every problem with gunplay. The Gunslinger Set is a new featured item in the market, and it brings with it the usual assortment of costume pie...

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November 29, 2011 at 9:00PM
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Ready for a new Champions Online adventure pack? Cryptic Studios is polishing up its Resistance content offering, which features a new story, new locations, and rewards according to a blurb on the official Champions website. Players will join forces and travel through a dimensional portal to M...

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With all the characters growing organic spines and shooting bio-electricity at foes, the new City of Heroes Mutant Super Booster seems like an addition that the game has long been awaiting. While yesterday saw a giveaway for several codes by the Paragon Studios team, today is the official launch wh...

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