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Nick Hagman took a break from his hobby of performing incredible retro gaming feats with a dance pad, to perform an incredible retro gaming feat in Minecraft. Why yes, that is the entire world of Castlevania explorable in pseudo-3D, and yes, it does make us want to play some Vania right now....

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April 9, 2012 at 10:30AM
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Known deft-footed retro game enthusiast Nick Hagman is an expert at conquering classic titles using an unorthodox peripheral: A Dance Dance Revolution pad. However, his latest conquest is by far his life's greatest achievement: the ever-difficult NES gem Ninja Gaiden; as seen in this video....

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Nick Hagman knows how to use his feet for a most unconventional purpose: completing games using a Dance Dance Revolution pad. He's done it before with Castlevania, and now he's used his talent to finish another classic, the original Super Mario Bros. It took Hagman 14 attempts and plenty of prac...

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