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Welcome back to another Think Tank! This week, I charged the Massively team with a single task: Elevator-pitch an MMO without levels. What should an MMO without levels look like? Can it even be done in this modern MMO era? Here's what we came up with -- we'd love to hear your take too....

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July 31, 2014 at 8:00PM
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Cross-platform sandbox MMO Albion Online is getting something called a Destiny Board in place of traditional level dings. "Players instead earn small perks and bonuses over a period of time by performing actions based on what their character is learning," according to Sandbox Interactive. We've ...

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The team at Red 5 Studios has been working hard on making Firefall the best game it can be, and as it turns out, that happens to be a game without traditional levels. A new video blog featuring lead designer Scott Youngblood and development VP James Macauley drops the news that the level system i...

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