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There is, as I have discussed, a group of roleplayers for whom the game is the thing. If the game doesn't allow you to be a moisture farmer, then why would you want to pretend to be a moisture farmer? Similarly, if you're not actually a master of the marketplace or sitting on huge assets in the gam...

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January 17, 2014 at 10:00PM
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Forsaken World, the upcoming free-to-play title from Perfect World Entertainment, has been seeing a pretty big publicity push of late. The most recent official spotlight puts the focus on the game's occupation system, which is somewhat akin to a crafting system while at the same time being quite a ...

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Yumeroh, Community Liaison for the science-fantasy MMORPG known as Ryzom, writes in to tell us about the upcoming 1.9.0 content patch. The game, which recently made headlines when the developers decided to make the source code and art assets freely available under the open source GNU Affero General...

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