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The hits just keep on coming for NCsoft. In the wake of City of Heroes' closure, the publisher's Seattle offices are apparently undergoing "realignment." The company has denied that the Seattle office is closing but has noted that several positions in the office have been terminated as a result o...

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December 4, 2012 at 6:00PM
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It's somewhat astonishing how many people think Massively consists of a small cubicle farm in a large office building. I mean, we talk about how we work from home all the time, but somehow this image persists. So for the record, that picture does not represent where the Massively staff works. I'd s...

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Blizzcon is this weekend, and journalists and bloggers the world over are descending upon California to report on everything from Diablo 3 classes to -- you guessed it -- World of Warcraft. MTV's Multiplayer blog counts itself a member of that gaming press Horde, and in addition to your usual Bliz...

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