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Dedicated internet radios have always been niche products; when you can get all the same content on your desktop, laptop or even smartphone, it's hard to see the point of relying on WiFi. Without a traditional FM antenna, they're many are chained to your network -- if not your wall -- and the lack ...

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May 6, 2010 at 12:05PM
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After some rather impressive RC builds, Firefox 3.5 is all packaged up and ready for public consumption. Mozilla is saying its new browser is more than two times faster than Firefox 3, but what has us more excited is the support for plugin-free "open codec" video and audio playback using Ogg Vorbi...

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Lots of people bemoan the fact that iTunes doesn't offer support for some of the more obscure audio formats (most notably Ogg Vorbis). Most people who care about Ogg support tend to be fans of Open Source software, and probably aren't thrilled with using iTunes anyway. Luckily for them there is Cog...

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