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It's been a year since Sony launched its range of lens cameras, WiFi-enabled zoom lenses that connect to your smartphone and offer far better pictures than your built-in snapper. For its second generation hardware, the company went one further and built the QX1, which enabled you to swap in any E-...

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September 17, 2014 at 8:45AM
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Seriously, calm down a minute. Your world has not just gotten infinitely better, although hearing the words "PlayStation" and "open platform" in the same phrase may make you think otherwise. In a relatively quiet announcement made at Casual Connect in Kiev, Ukraine, Sony Europe's George Bain proclai...

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Will the iPhone open up to 3rd party apps? Steve Jobs says that Apple is wrestling with the decision, according to Contradicting earlier statements that the iPhone would definitely be a closed platform, Steve Jobs cracked open the door a bit. Supporting this semi-statement is the upcomin...

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