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It's been a while since an Oracom PMP caught our attention, but our ears perked up with news of its W30 rolling out later this month. Although the specs aren't anything out of the ordinary -- dictionary, DMB TV / FM tuner, and 4GB of memory to store whatever your little heart desires -- we're intr...

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September 19, 2008 at 5:56AM
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You know how were were saying when we spotted the UB-890 that you'll probably never see it out of Korea? Well, we were half right. The UB-890 never did make it off those shores, but its quite similar successor, the UB-1000, is at least headed for Europe this October. The main addition seems to be...

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Yeah, we've never heard of them either, but apparently Oracom has a successor to their UB-880 DAP of yore. This new UB-890 is quite the looker, and manages a good bit of color screen for a player this size. It looks about twice as thick as a nano, but beyond that we're really at a loss for tech s...

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