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The Federal Trade Commission recently conducted an annual undercover shopping survey and found that, of the various consumer entertainment industries, the video game industry was actually best at self-policing and keeping material intended for mature audiences away from children. Following a tren...

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April 21, 2011 at 1:15AM
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Now that the Utah video game bill, authored by disbarred attorney Jack Thompson, has passed the state's House of Representatives, the ESRB is taking the opportunity to write an open letter to the parents and leaders of Utah. Written by ESRB President Patricia Vance, the letter concludes that the p...

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Entertainment Software Ratings Board head Patricia Vance writes in the organization's winter newsletter that 2007 saw "8.5 our of every 10 games" rated as appropriate for ages 13 and under. In a flood of numbers and stats, the newsletter states there were 1,563 ratings given last year (a 22% incre...

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