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As a new parent, there are some issues that I can't see with the naked eye. Things like dehydration and bacterial infections can go unnoticed in little tykes, but there's a group of engineering students that's are looking to help. A team from University of California, Riverside developed The Diape...

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September 10, 2014 at 3:20AM
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Do you have to relieve yourself? Is your robot low on batteries? Your previously problematic world could soon be harmonized in one magical step. The Bristol Robotics Lab has been feeding funny trash to its Microbial Fuel Cells for quite some time -- rotten fruit, decomposed-in-sludge fly juice, gra...

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Apparently these talking urinals have been circulating in select areas for some time, but rather than the idea just going down the drain, it seems to have gained attention. The Wizmark Urinal Communicator sits at the bottom of men's urinals and sports a miniature LCD screen and a speaker to broadcas...

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