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Pwnie Express has a knack for stuffing powerful security testing tools into innocuous housings, and this time they're flexing that unique talent with the Pwnie Plug R2. Ars Technica's gotten ahold of the contraption ahead of its debut at the Black Hat conference, and it's boasting a healthy number

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July 31, 2013 at 6:44AM
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As if we didn't have enough cause to be paranoid about WiFi hacking, Justine Aitel has worked out a way to do it completely automatically -- your ports will never be safe again. Justine's Immunity Inc. has developed a tool it calls Silica, which runs a custom version of CANVAS, Immunity's point-and

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Security minded Immunity corp is developing a wireless handheld device dubbed Silica, meant to help security professionals conduct mobile penetration, or pen, tests on the sly. The device is fitted with Bluetooth and WiFi and comes pre-loaded with hundreds of automated exploits to simulate a malicio

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