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During the first 10 minutes of my time with Heroes & Generals, I killed once, died twice, and drove a tank, a jeep, a half-track, and a bicycle (not necessarily in that order). I also rode shotgun on said tank and said jeep, manning a nifty vehicle-mounted machine gun in the process. I mar...

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May 25, 2012 at 9:00AM
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Even though the PC-using EVE Online and the PlayStation 3-playing DUST 514 gamers may be separated by platform boundaries, CCP fans in both worlds will be joined at the hip in an odd, first-of-its-kind symbiotic relationship when DUST 514 launches. It's an intriguing prospect, but fans are wonder...

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The box art for the gang warfare MMO CrimeCraft has been revealed, showing an interesting blend of the game's art style and in-game screenshots on the front of the box. The top of the box is dominated by this image, while the bottom blends in a screenshot of the game's gang based action. What we h...

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