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In the movies, a daring prison escape usually involves a carefully orchestrated plan filled with intricate tunnels, ingenious bribes and chaotic distractions. But for Neil Moore, performing a similar breakout in the real world was so much simpler. With the aid of a smuggled mobile phone, he was ab...

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March 30, 2015 at 5:10AM
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With a game as large as Guild Wars 2, it's inevitable that the unscrupulous would try to compromise accounts. Perhaps the only unexpected part was how quickly the hacking attempts started -- even before launch players were receiving notifications of these attempts. And the problem appears to be e...

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An anonymous AppleCare support representative spoke to ZDNet's Ed Bott over the weekend, telling the reporter that complaints about malware infections on the Mac increased significantly in the first half of May. "This last week over 50% of our calls have been about [malware]," said the AppleCare s...

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