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We had a great time combing through your Frankengadget mash-ups, and while there were many worthy submissions, we sadly had to narrow it down to just five. Our submission deadline has since passed, but now the real fun begins -- it's time to vote! Scroll through the gallery at the bottom of this ...

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October 19, 2011 at 6:00PM
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Normally we wouldn't take an opportunity just to debunk an edited screenshot, but given how riled up people already are over Blizzard's upcoming forum change, it seems like it's necessary in this case. There's a screenshot circulating, which is cropped above, that shows a new "beta version" of t...

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Giant, walking, robotic instruments of death. There's just something about them that appeals to us as geeks. Sure, it might be more practical to build a tank or an airplane as an instrument of war, but you don't get that same rush as you do when you see a bipedal weapons platform in motion. As we'...

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