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Last month saw the huge tenth anniversary EVE Online Fanfest, a three-day convention packed full of exclusive reveals, behind-the-scenes talks, and community events. This year's Fanfest was the biggest one yet, celebrating EVE's tenth anniversary with special guest speakers from the scientific comm...

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May 19, 2013 at 6:00PM
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DUST 514 doesn't just interact with EVE Online by being set in the same universe. Taking control of territory and planetary surfaces has always been part of the design goals behind the shooter, reminiscent of the interstellar control offered by the older game, and the latest development blog exam...

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The EVE Online-focused podcast MicroWarpCast returned this week, hosted by our friend CrazyKinux with guest Noah Ward (aka CCP Hammerhead), who is a Lead Game Designer at CCP Games. We mentioned a while back that the winner of a contest CrazyKinux was running would get to interview an EVE developer...

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