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So it's come to this. Your adventures in WildStar have left your character backed into a cave with a broken weapon and a desperate urge to escape from the monsters prowling outside but no means to do so. What do you do? Well, hopefully you already made some friends and can put a call in to your gui...

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January 22, 2014 at 12:30PM
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Finding a clan to join can sometimes be a very difficult process. Pouring over pages and pages of guild recruitment advertisements in forums and talking with people in-game seems to be the only effective way of selecting a clan that can meet your needs. Even then it's a hit or miss opportunity, as ...

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Let's face it - there are good and bad points to guild size, either big or small. In a small guild everyone pretty much knows everyone else and has a fairly good idea of everyone's skills. In a larger guild you're one of many. While this can be problematic when trying to keep up with what's going on...

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