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Guilds are pretty much ubiquitous in MMOs -- they serve as a way to bind players together into a group. But the team behind TUG thinks that all too often guilds come about mostly so you can have a name and a chat channel all to yourself. Which is why the latest design post about the game explains t...

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May 15, 2013 at 7:30PM
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Call them linkshells, call them supergroups, call them fleets -- a guild by any other name is still a gathering of players in a loose hierarchy with shared goals. Back in the salad days of MMOs, getting into a guild was a fairly simple procedure, but now it's a rare guild that doesn't have some sor...

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They're called linkshells in Final Fantasy XI, fleets in Star Trek Online, kinships in Lord of the Rings Online, but the game could call them bagel and tea parties if it wanted to -- for most players, it's a guild, and no matter what, the core idea is the same. Only a handful of games don't have to...

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