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Here's how it goes: I say, "It feels like we're living in the future," and you all yell, "So where are the jetpacks?" There are plenty of missing pieces from the Jetsons-style view of the future, but at least the smart home -- controllable, reactive, energy-efficient and easy to use -- is on its ...

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October 22, 2012 at 11:00AM
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Yes, that awesome new 8-core chip in your PC is the fastest thing on the block, but it's got your utility meter spinning accordingly. Fortunately, researchers from Penn State have come up with a new high performance transistor that may turn future chips from power hogs into current-sipping silicon. ...

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We have a long wait before the world becomes solar powered, so between now and then we need to get a lot smarter about how much of the good stuff our gadgets are sucking down. Fujitsu's prototype power strip does just that -- with a little bit of help from a PC. Unlike other strips we've seen in th...

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