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This is the second foray into iPhone territory by Consumer Reports. The first app pretty much duplicated the currently-available online content, and was free. This second app, called Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper is US $9.99, and puts the impeccable brand and product reviews in a more iOS-specific...

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October 19, 2010 at 9:00PM
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This app does what you would expect from its name. It checks prices. You type in a UPC code, an ISBN number (books and video) or even a name of a product. Pricecheckah [App Store] is US$4.99 At the set up screen you can choose online retailers like Amazon or, and brick and mortar retailers l...

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Where there were rumors there are now facts: the DS lite will be launching in Europe on the 23rd of June for £99.99/149.99 EUR. As a way of compensating people for the extra two week wait over the North American launch, the European DS lite will be available in black at launch. However, I'm su...

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