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SugarString, Verizon's news site that wouldn't cover its corporate parent's dirty laundry, is no more. It was originally set up to ape outlets like the one you're reading, except that Big Red banned discussion of spying and net neutrality. Unfortunately, just over a month since the Daily Dot expos...

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December 3, 2014 at 6:32AM
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Video footage has emerged showing that ISIS militants deployed a $500 consumer drone to spy on a crucial Syrian airfield, which they eventually seized. Taken by a DJI Phantom FC40 drone, the video was spotted on YouTube (and pulled, since it also contained graphic scenes of execution). It shows im...

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In a viral marketing move that's sure to draw the fire of Apple fanboys enthusiasts (probably right here in the comments, if history is any indication), SanDisk has posted a website called "iDon't" that encourages people to flee the closed iPod universe (the "iTatorship," they call it) -- and to p...

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