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Those of you aching to pull open your PSP and do a little modding but afraid to void your warranty -- or worse, brick your baby -- will want to check out the Virtual PSP Modder software from AcidMods. The Windows tool allows you to practice taking a PSP apart, look at the inside at up to 5X resolu...

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August 14, 2007 at 8:37AM
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If you don't have the cash flow for one of the Playstation Signature PSPs but want to look like you do, you might be interested in this far less expensive alternative - the XCM chrome PSP face plate - for about $23. Available from Divineo's UK site, the face plate gets its unique color and smoothnes...

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Okay, you don't have to be tragic to derive pleasure from this mod, although you will need about $52. The brains at [H] Console have put together a veritable "For Dummies" guide to changing your PSPs faceplate, which may or may not come in handy depending on how greasy a gamer you are. The...

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