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I was just sitting down to write an intro for this week's WRUP, but then, oops, I seem to have been distracted by puppies. The puppies above are mine, because, well, I'm writing this post and it's my privilege to show off how gosh-darn adorable the little scamps are. (Of course, they're a couple of...

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April 17, 2010 at 12:00PM
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Just when you think it couldn't possibly get any more awesomely cute, Free Realms breaks out with a bunch of screenshots of some of the pet friends you can get while playing through the game. While some are dressed to the nines like the dog in Indiana Jones type adventuring gear above, and the dog...

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This is Xander. You might think he's just a cute puppy, but no -- he's a drama-causing ball of AFK fury. A player in our drama section this week is the proud new owner of Xander, but the puppy caused so much AFK time for him that it rubbed his group the wrong way. Look in his eyes -- you can see h...

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