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Aww... isn't that 8-inch frame in the corner just adorable? And yep, it's right next to the same monstrous ATI Eyefinity rig we gave away at last month's Engadget Show, composed of six 23-inch IPS monitors bolted together. Samsung's been mum about its final price until now, but -- drum roll please ...

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May 11, 2010 at 7:58PM
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NEC's already bolstered its EA series of LCD monitors with two frog-ladden models, but it looks like it's not stopping there, with it now also introducing the new 24-inch EA241WM and 19-inch EA191M models to complement its existing, 22- and 26-inch LCDs. The former of those boasts a PVA panel and ...

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We've got all ideas that folks fully expecting Samsung's SyncMaster 245T to ship way back in March have moved on and purchased another monitor by now, but for the loyal few that are still clinging to a sliver of hope that this thing isn't vaporware, we've got outstanding news. Some ten months (to ...

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