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Peace be with you, readers. Today, we convene once again for a new edition of Captain's Log, in which we discuss, with mutual respect for all opinions, Star Trek Online. Begging your pardon if you disagree, but I thought it appropriate that we explore one of the game's brand-new features: diplomacy...

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August 12, 2010 at 11:00AM
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Ship tiers and player progression were the topics of this week's dev chat for Star Trek Online and it yielded some pretty good results. Most of the new information clarifies some of the areas we were fuzzy on up until now. The piece of news we were super happy to see was the confirmation of DS9 and...

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In an inventive -- if not creatively fun for whoever wrote it -- display of storytelling, the most recent "Path to 2409" update on the official Star Trek Online website takes the form of an in-character interview set against the backdrop of Quark's Bar. Now it just may be us, but placing your char...

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