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WoW Insider loves a good macro. We posted last year about a macro to put the hunter Glyph of Fetch to good use, particularly with Mists of Pandaria's AoE looting, and we were just sent another one on our tip line by Adam L. Thanks, Adam! /target [@mouseover] /click WatchFrameItem1 /c...

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February 26, 2013 at 2:00PM
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It's time again for Arcane Brilliance, the weekly mage column that proves each and every week that there's no such thing as too much warlock hate. You might think there's some kind of limit, that at some point a constant stream of warlock hate crosses the boundary of good taste -- but you'd be wron...

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Yeah, we're going a little hefty this Friday (as in, low level, so not quite that phat), to focus on an item that's new, but only kind of, in patch 3.0.8. Name: Mallet of Zul'Farrak (Wowhead, Thottbot, Armory) Type: Quest Item Rare Unique One-hand Mace Damage/Speed: 58-109 / 2.50 (33.4 DPS) Abilit...

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