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Isn't it annoying when some smartphones boast Quick Charge 2.0 but only come with a regular USB charger? Given the option, we'd rather spend the money on something more practical, like a multi-port USB charging station that supports Quick Charge. And yes, we managed to stumble upon one at Computex...

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June 4, 2015 at 4:42AM
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Imagine this -- you, sitting in a dingy airport terminal waiting on your flight with a lifeless laptop and just 10 minutes to spare. You've got oodles of spreadsheet work to do before 8:00AM tomorrow, and unless you get it done on this flight, you're fubared. Toshiba is looking to make said scenar...

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Just a quick heads up: that Quick Charge kit that Joystiq took a look at earlier this month is available now for the not altogether horrible price of 30 septim...err, dollars. Unfortunately for them, I've already managed to free myself "from the tyranny and mess of cables" by picking up a...

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