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It may not be as perfectly round and special as a 10th anniversary, but 11 years for any MMO is a great achievement even so. Dark Age of Camelot crosses that line this year, and to celebrate its 11th birthday, the devs announced that each of the three realms can now roll two new race/class pairin...

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October 12, 2012 at 10:00PM
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What does the future hold for Warhammer Online? Not only that, but what should the future hold for Mythic's newest MMO and its players? Everyone wonders these things at one point or another, so we've gone ahead and explored our thoughts on the topic. Then, after much deliberation, we distilled th...

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The racial pairing we still have the least information for has been the High and Dark Elves, but that is starting to change. Enter the Saphery zone -- a third tier zone for High Elves -- that is chocked full of magical energies and ancient High Elf beauty. This makes it a target for Dark Elves who ...

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