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With the iPad set to launch April 3, we know a lot of you out there are wondering what types of games and apps there are to look forward to. Well, we reprogrammed the Joystiq bots to scour the iTunes App store for information on updates and new games, culling the data for you all. There's plenty to...

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April 2, 2010 at 1:00PM
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As expected, today marks the release of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All on WiIWare. Capcom's lawyer-'em-up is joined by a plethora of new titles, so if you have some extra pocket change or a packed piggy bank, you'll want to head past the break and see what's available for download thi...

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Today might be remembered as the day that Apple finally, officially entered the handheld gaming market. During the "Let's Rock" event this morning in San Francisco, Phil Schiller took the stage to do an extended demo of a few upcoming games for the iPhone and iPod touch. He first demoed Spore Orig...

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