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Dust off your tape players, folks: cassettes are still making a comeback. A number of independent artists have already leveraged the classic format, and Metallica is looking to join the bandwagon. The metal act recorded the seven-track No Life 'Til Leather demo back in 1982, and the effort will be...

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March 3, 2015 at 5:49PM
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Twenty years after it earned notoriety as the sole unlicensed game on the Super Nintendo (not to mention a Christian-themed, first-person shooter), Super Noah's Ark 3D has returned to the console. For those unaware, Super Noah's Ark 3D isn't a very good game, but it is rare and collectors view i...

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Wouldn't you know it? No, really -- didn't you completely understand that Nintendo wouldn't be releasing something as magnificent as a stark white GameCube controller in the States? Okay, so maybe NoA hasn't made that official, but we're betting the unit you see there on the right will be a (highly ...

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