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There's probably no one in the world who really wants go back through the Cataclysm raids in World of Warcraft. It's something you do because you like the looks of items and want to walk around looking pretty, not because you just can't get enough of that content. Since this content generally can't...

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November 19, 2013 at 8:00AM
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It seems like everyone has an opinion on big-name MMOs, even if the person with the opinion has never been past the starter areas. Whether you're discussing EverQuest or Star Trek Online, there's someone who has a long list of reasons about why the game is terrible. Of course, said complainers fr...

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Looks like quite a few of those players who threatened to complain about Blizzard ended up doing so: over on the local Better Business Bureau website for Blizzard's region, our favorite game developer has earned an F. The BBB says that they've been given this rating "for reasons such as that they ha...

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