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The latest WoW champions in the 2010 MLG Pro Circuit are the members of Nerdstomper Blue, who claimed their victory Sunday evening in Raleigh. It was a close win for Nerdstomper Blue, after its opponents, Evil Geniuses, won the first set of the finals three to one. Evil Geniuses entered the fina...

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August 30, 2010 at 2:00PM
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A pair of 3v3 teams from the US Bloodlust Battlegroup -- aka BG9 and reputed to be the best US Battlegroup -- recently hit the 3000 rating, the hard cap for Arena ratings. A few other teams following closely behind at 2953 and 2949, making it likely that they, too, will hit 3000 before Season 6 is...

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It looks like Incognito was telling the truth -- Warhawk is indeed having a beta and it looks like it is starting sooner than was expected. A user on PS3 Forums just received an e-mail inviting him to become a potential beta tester for the sci-fi combat game. The problem? Only Sony RLS members got t...

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