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We're sure that a time will come when we're slightly less amazed by Kinect hacks but, right now, we're still just seeing one more impressive than the last -- and we're certainly OK with that. This latest comes to us from a group of students at the University of Washington, who had the bright idea to...

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January 20, 2011 at 6:48AM
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It may not have been put into practice just yet, but it looks like a new robotic-assisted system could one day let surgeons use a surgical robot (like Da Vinci system pictured at left) to operate on a beating human heart. That impressive development comes courtesy of a group of researchers at France...

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We know the Hippocratic Oath is kind of implied in Asimov's Three Laws, so we're kind of cleared for takeoff when it comes to robots performing surgery on us hapless meatbags. But we imagine no such laws or oaths apply to robots developed by UBC physics students, whose final exam is to build the b...

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