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Yes, these cute little bobble-headed cubicle companions are completely adorable, but that doesn't mean they've forgotten how important it is to maintain a gruff, battle-ready demeanor. Well, except for Chun-Li. She looks pretty pleased with her chibi characterization as a tiny plastic plaything. La...

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March 14, 2012 at 10:00PM
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The next update for the iPhone version of Street FIghter IV adds at least one new fighter: Sagat. One of the screenshots included with the update also shows Dee Jay, who, curiously, wasn't announced. Tiger uppercuts and MAXIMUM pants aren't the only new additions to the phone fighter, however: the u...

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Ever been playing vanilla Street Fighter IV and thought to yourself, "Man, this Guile character sure could be more Guile-like!"? Really? Wow, Capcom must be reading your mind! In Super Street Fighter IV, the developer claims to have taken Guile and made him, uh, himself again. According to Capcom-U...

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