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I love hearing this about the iPhone: the San Francisco Chronicle has a piece about how Apple's little revolutionary telephone has brought a whole new crop of programmers into the development mix. People who had never before looked at code or considered writing their own applications are getting ide...

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April 27, 2009 at 5:30PM
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Rumors of the impending death of PC gaming have been greatly exaggerated, at least if you take the word of Christopher T. Fong, who writes the Playing Games column at SFGate (San Francisco Chronicle). Fong's latest piece "Year in review: MMOs rule. PC gaming lives." is a very brief look at the stat...

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Tim Goodman, television critic of the San Francisco Chronicle, is one of the few critics of any stripe that I enjoy reading. It's not so much that I agree or disagree with whatever he's saying; it's more that I love his style. On a recent post for, he makes a slight poke at Second Life wh...

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