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Today, 37signals -- makers of productivity and virtual team software like Basecamp, Highrise and Campfire announced that it was becoming a one-product company. That one product is Basecamp, and the company has now renamed itself "Basecamp" as well. The decision to focus on Basecamp alone means tha...

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February 5, 2014 at 12:30PM
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Being a productivity nerd who happens to love technology has its benefits. Those of us who are happy to spend a Friday night creating and destroying a list of tasks have absolutely no shortage of quality applications upon which to practice and hone our weirdo craft. For web-based task management th...

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We know, it's a little late for Christmas, but you can bet your bottom dollar that lucky lady of yours is already thinking long and hard about that lovely holiday in February. For the dame who already owns that iPod purse and laptop-toting satchel comes Esquire's latest rumbling handbag made to a...

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