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Scattered Shots is for Hunters. David Bowers is caught in a Freezing Trap this week, so Daniel Whitcomb -- who did not set the trap, he swears to the Light -- is substituting for him. You hear it pretty much all the time if you've ever slightly dipped into the world of Hunters. If you want to play ...

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May 8, 2008 at 9:00PM
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This week Scattered Shots comes to you barking and growling, hot on the heels of an overview about some of the cool complexity involved in being a hunter. Today we turn toward our animal half to get a look at how we can start making some of that complexity work for us. I love hunter pets. I love t...

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Dustin Diamond, aka "Screech" from the "hit" television series Saved by the Bell is going through some tough times. He hasn't had a "career" since his teen acting days, he's losing his house, and now... he's lost his precious PSP games (to quote "good games.") According to his account on a Florida r...

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