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Sony Pictures is in full-blown damage-control mode and has called an all-hands meeting following another huge leak of sensitive, confidential info. The new trove of data released by the so-called GOP (Guardians of Peace) includes more private employee info, actor phone numbers and traveling aliase...

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December 9, 2014 at 3:57AM
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We knew that well-trained bees were capable of sniffing out dynamite and other explosives, but researchers at MIT have now come up with a slightly less militant way to use our winged friends as bomb detectors. A team of chemical engineers at the school recently developed a new, ultra-sensitive se...

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Advertising agencies are trying everything from window shopping to fiber-optic cement walls to LEDs outlining a building in order to catch the ever-wandering eye of the consumer. The Leo Burnett agency, a graphical genius of sorts, has its latest breakthrough concept plastered on a Max Factor cosm...

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