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Wondering what's been happening in the world of Atreia lately? Quite a lot according to the latest Eye on Community update from the Aion team at NCsoft. The post is packed with content including player screenshots, artwork, profiles of Aion community managers, and a detailed accounting of the ...

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July 5, 2011 at 12:00PM
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OK, we're all nerds here, so let's not look at the title and think of kissing or snogging or whatever other deviant "firsts" you may have in your criminal record. Instead, let us swim to the safer waters of gaming firsts, where we either accomplish something before anyone else or do it for the fi...

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Ahh, bragging rights. In-game events give us the ability to say "I was there when..." We've almost all seen one larger world event at some point in our gaming lives. The above World of Warcraft picture, as my personal example, was from the night that Ahn'Quiraj opened on my server. While there wer...

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