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If step one was giving some players the opportunity to transfer servers for free and step two was incentivizing those moves, then step three in BioWare's plan to consolidate the community is closing the door on the source servers in preparation for an inevitable merge. The studio announced tha...

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July 10, 2012 at 4:00PM
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One of the worst MMO launches I ever sat through was Star Wars Galaxies' in 2003, I'm sad to admit. My guild was split over two servers from the start because Sony Online Entertainment had locked off our preferred server to prevent it from becoming overcrowded, so half of my friends were stranded...

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As Lighthouse announced on 6 February, NCsoft has made significant investment in the CoX servers to assist with the current concerns for Double XP weekend as well as for future events, but there's still the possibility that servers will reach loads that risk performance degradation. At such times, t...

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