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At last, a sign that we're advancing from our caveman heritage into a brave new world. Gone are the days of rough-hewn blades, the world of modernity does its cutting with "plasma-sharpened" implements polished off with a layer of synthetic, industrial-grade diamonds. Okay, we're not quite there ye...

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August 18, 2010 at 10:06AM
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Granted, today's newfangled razors and their associated disposable blades are pretty pricey, but if we're to pay $150 for a shaving tool that doesn't come with a lifetime supply of refills, there had better be some value-added features to pique our interest. Well specialty retailer The Art of Shavi...

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While most folks aren't exactly fond of going bald on their noggin, eliminating the pesky hair on faces and legs doesn't sound half bad. Aside from the gazillion topical treatments scams available at your local Wally World, there's always the uber-expensive "laser hair removal" option, but Philips s...

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