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We talk a lot about robotic exoskeletons that give people almost supernatural lifting skills, but these tend to be confined to labs or science fiction. Not in South Korea, though. Daewoo has been testing suits that let shipyard workers carry objects as heavy as 66 pounds like they're nothing. The ...

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August 4, 2014 at 1:33PM
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If you've heard anything about the upcoming Korean sandbox ArcheAge, chances are you've heard about the ability to sail on the high seas. From videos of fighting a Kraken to reports of piracy, players eager to shed their landlubbing ways have been teased with the knowledge that watery adventure a...

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MMO shipbuilding is a time-honored tradition that's shown up in titles as wide-ranging as Wurm Online, Vanguard, and even Star Wars Galaxies (hey, spaceships count!), to name but a few. The latest game to take the plunge is Uncharted Waters Online, and the free-to-play title from CJ E&M is lo...

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