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I think the leveling is too easy now, so I end up leveling my characters in otherwise suboptimal ways. I quested as arcane rather than as frost. I'd not learn flying until I absolutely had to. I'd do only orange quests. I also leveled my paladin as a shockadin all the way to 85. Mists of Pa...

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October 18, 2012 at 7:00PM
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Reader Ron dropped us a line about a basic gear quandary. A Holy paladin who cruised most of his instances with Bear tanks, Ron has amassed a small collection of paladin tanking gear. And he's kept it around, since experience has taught him to never throw away class-appropriate gear. His current Hol...

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Welcome back to the second part in our three-part series on Paladin DPS! Our goal, once again, is to squeeze as much DPS out of your Paladin regardless of their spec. Last time, we focused mostly on the Retribution tree, and how best to slam gigantic weapons into your opponents. This time, we're g...

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