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Earlier this week, Nintendo announced its February 7th US release date for the Circle Pad Pro accessory exclusively through Gamestop. If you've caught yourself wondering about its components, the guys over at ldblog were able to get their hands on the unit that you see above. Beyond basic capac...

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December 18, 2011 at 7:34PM
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freelancer_bob (love that name) over on LJ has a good point: Shoulderpads seem to be the height of fashion in Azeroth. Not only do shoulder pieces call for the highest Arena rating in the game, but they're often the flashiest way to add a little flair to your character. While you can get the plaines...

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The second part of TenTonHammer's Lord of the Rings Online loot guide has been posted. Part one had a look at rift-coins and the rewards associated with them, but now we're getting to the really good stuff -- gems. Gems can be handed in for class-specific items, both armor and weapons. However, as e...

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