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Look who finally decided to join the HDMI game. It's Microvision's SHOWWX+, now aptly named the SHOWWX+ HDMI. It's still bringing the brightness with 15 laser lumens, a 5,000:1 native contrast ratio, and 2-hour battery life. As before, it supports all your iDevices, and, now, any HDMI-equipped ma...

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July 16, 2011 at 3:42AM
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Well, look at that -- Microvision's SHOW WX, the diminutive PicoP-based projector we first laid eyes on at Macworld some nine-plus odd months ago, is finally going to get a release. The device's laser display system (which works by combining light from red, blue, and green lasers) boasts 10 ANSI lu...

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While Microvision isn't new (per se) to the pico projector arena entirely, it certainly lacks the namesake of, say, Dell or Optoma. Of course, it's not letting that fact damper its excitement about the PicoP-based SHOW WX. The pre-production device is being unveiled today at Macworld, and it promi...

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