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Let's face it: It's no longer enough to just have a TV in your living room to access broadcast programming. Streaming services are the norm; DVRs allow delayed commercial-free viewing; and most displays lack the power to fill a room with sound. To remedy those situations, we've compiled a handful ...

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May 9, 2014 at 2:38PM
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So you've splurged for that HDTV, and now it's time to outfit the rest of that home theater. You're in luck. Today's roundup of discounted tech offers both a pair of soundbar/subwoofer combos and two set-top boxes. Head on past the break to take a look at how you could improve the sights and sound...

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The company that takes almost full credit for inventing place-shifting is back in retail action with new models and new software features too. The Slingbox 350 takes the place of the older Solo at $179 and adds an integrated IR blaster and the new ability to stream 1080p HD. The $299 Slingbox 500 ...

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